Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful method used to increase a websites visibility for the products and or services it offers on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When looking for information on the internet people head straight for the search engines to find it. Your website will be competing with millions of other sites to try and get people to visit. It is therefore crucial to optimise your site through SEO so that your website will be found above your competitors.

When asked we tend to explain to our clients a website is like a shop in the middle of the country side, on its own with no main roads passing the shop. You will not get any visitors to your shop if you do not advertise. If you had a shop in the country you would want to place an advert in a local or national guide.

Search Engine Optimisation
Getting to the top of google
Online Guide Book

The search engines are just like a big international guide book, showing users the best places to visit based on their needs. If you got yourself a prime position in a guide book, Customers would come flocking to your shop. This is the same on the internet, your website is all alone and nobody will ever visit it unless you tell them too . We have been driving traffic to Websites for years and know how to build a good stable base to constantly drive traffic to your site. Its all well and Good getting to the top of Google. Its staying there that counts. We build you small websites each month that stay online and point at your Main website and act as a solid base to help keep you at the top of Google. This is similar to putting Road signs around the country directing people to your shop.