Google Mobilegeddon: Changing The Way Websites are Ranked

Mobile Changing The Way Websites are Ranked

Anyone who has knowledge in the field of digital marketing will surely be familiar with the concept of search engine optimisation, or what is more popularly known as SEO. Businesses and website developers are in serious pursuit towards making sure that Google will rank their sites on top of others in their search results. When you appear on top of the results, people are most likely to visit your website. Keyword optimisation and adding relevant contents are some of the ways by which this favourable search engine ranking can be achieved.


However, recently, the online world has been greeted with some unfortunate news from Google with regards to how it is changing its algorithm of ranking websites when searches are made with the use of a mobile phone. They will now favour websites who have mobile web design, which will guarantee a better user and browsing experience. This phenomenon is dubbed by many as mobilegeddon. Google warned webmasters that if their website is not mobile-ready or if it does not come with a responsive design, it is most likely going to be affected by this change in search ranking algorithm.


Shifts in Browsing Behaviour

The main reason on why Google has changed the way they ranked mobile sites is basically because of the shift in the way people browse. In the past years, the growth of mobile devices has allowed it to overtake the use of computers in accessing the internet. Logically, as part of being able to promote better experience, Google felt the need to give priority to those with responsive design or a mobile-ready website. According to some webmasters, their website, which used to be on page one of search results can now be found on the sixth or seventh page, which is indeed a massive change. Because of such, there is seriously a reason to be worried and make a move now to avoid its negative impacts on your website.


Best Way to Deal with the Mobilegeddon

Because SEO is such a big deal in being able to establish your online presence, it is important to have this issue taken seriously. In order to remain competitive, it is critical to make sure that you have a responsive web design for your website. We can help you in creating mobile web design, which puts an emphasis not only on aesthetics, but also on functionality, and more importantly, the overall user experience. Through our services, you can be sure that this new algorithm from Google will not hurt your business. Instead, it is going to be favourable on your end because it will lead into improvements in your website, which will be followed by improvements in your search engine rankings.

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